Pause Response is a simple relaxation exercise designed to encourage awareness and choice. It functions to interrupt a negative or stressful state of mind with a simple pause.  Within this pause resides the space to choose a different response. Pause Response is based on the healing properties of the breath, the calming effect of the color blue, mindfulness and choice.


Pause Response is not therapy and does not seek to give medical advice. It provides a simple tool of awareness and choice. Within this practice, a stressful state of mind is any negative emotional state including stress, anxiety, irritability, frustration, impatience, feeling overwhelmed, rejected, disrespected, pressured, and so on.


The Pause Response

“Pause, take a deep breath in and out. Imagine your body and mind immersed in the healing calm rays of radiant blue light. Become aware of the moment. Slow things down. Ask yourself, do you want to continue to engage in this negative state of mind? Become aware that you have a choice: to continue or to let it go right now. Choose.”


How To Remember To Use the Pause Response

We recommend using a physical gesture as a reminder, a cue, to stop what you’re doing, shift gears and interrupt your regular programming. This gesture acts as a transitional tool between the negative event and the space of pausing. It becomes the trigger to pause.


The success of Pause Response depends on initiating a response as soon as you find yourself in a stressful state of mind. Catching yourself in the act; the moment your body tenses up, your breathing changes, your stomach knots up, your emotions rise.  It’s a process. It’s important to discover and become familiar with your personal physical and mental patterns. Once you’ve identified these patterns, you can act on them.


That’s where the Pause Response comes in. Pause Response provides a simple, yet powerful tool: the opportunity to choose. Our hope is when given the choice, you will choose to let go of the negativity. However, there may be times when you’ll choose not to let it go. If you find you keep choosing negative feelings and/or are suffering from anxiety or excessive emotional stress you should consider other therapeutic approaches including professional medical help.